Wyższa Szkoła Technologii Informatycznych w Katowicach (the Katowice Institute of Information Technologies) is a private technical institution of higher education founded in 2004.

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Undergraduate courses

Three and a half-year undergraduate courses

From the beginning, the Katowice Institute of Information Technologies, a non-public technical higher education institution, has offered a complete three and a half-year undergraduate course in Information Technology, which leads to the bachelor’s degree (Eng. “Bachelor of Science”, Pol. “inżynier”) in Engineering with specialization in Information Technology.

Since 2011, the School has also provided a three and a half-year undergraduate course in Arts, which leads to the bachelor’s degree (Eng. “Bachelor of Arts”, Pol. “licencjat”) in Graphic Design with specialization in Computer Graphic Design or Multimedia.

In addition to the general programs, the best students may apply for individually tailored courses.

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Postgraduate courses

One-year postgraduate courses

Since 2004, the School has provided a wide range of one-year postgraduate courses in Information Technology or ITC . Currently, the following one-year postgraduate courses are available:

  1. AutoCAD 2D & 3D Design,
  2. Information Technologies and Computer Networks,
  3. 3D Animation,
  4. Digital Video Editing for Advertising Graphics,
  5. Photography and Digital Video Editing,
  6. Computer Graphic Design for the publishing and advertising industries,
  7. Multimedia websites design and programming,
  8. Programming in the Internet,
  9. E-business – advertising campaings in the Internet,
  10. GIS  Geographic Information Systems.

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Full accreditation by the State Accreditation Committee

What is important, each program, course and degree is nationally acknowledged, as the School was given full accreditation by the State Accreditation Committee.



The Katowice Institute of Information Technologies is a member of the Microsoft IT Academy, CISCO Academy and Oracle Academy, which enables the students to prepare for certification programs, such as MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) or CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate).

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EU-funded projects

EU-funded projects

Currently, the School is undertaking three projects funded by the EU which are worth more than PLN 7 million.

Thanks to the EU funding, the School has equipped a professional drawing and painting room, a photography studio and computer labs with brand-new and state-of-the-art equipment (e.g. Dell and iMac computers, Canon cameras, graphic tablets, the latest graphic design software, such as Adobe Master Collection Suite 5.5, 3 DS Max, etc.). Also, as a result of the EU funding, the tuition fees charged by the School have been decreased, which makes higher education affordable to everyone.

Until now, more than 550 students have seized the opportunity to improve their qualifications and career prospects by taking advantage of studies and courses provided by the School and subsidised by the EU.

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Student activities

Student council

The student council systematically organizes student parties, integration trips or blood donation.

Students’ scientific associations

There is a wide scope of students’ scientific associations actively running in the Katowice Institute of Information Technologies. The available students' scientific associations are as follows:

  • Drawing and Composition,
  • Typography and DTP,
  • Programming,
  • Photography,
  • Audiovisual Arts (also informally named as "The film-maker's club”),
  • Robotics.

A few more associations are going to be formed in the next academic year.
All of the associations are under the guidance and supervision of the academics of the Katowice Institute of Information Technologies.

Student scientific projects

Students’ scientific projects

Each student can conduct scientific research individually or in a team under the guidance and supervision of the university academics.

The most interesting project is mentioned below.

The Remote-Controlled Arm Project

The project called RECAP, which is the abbreviation for ‘The Remote-Controlled Arm Project’, is the latest and the most interesting project carried out by a group of four students who were supervised by our academic, Witold Brandys.

The project is a multinational scientific work carried out by the group of Polish students in co-operation with student teams from France, Romania and Turkey. Together they have constructed a remote-controlled artificial arm which is able to shake hands, pick up a chart or a small item. The arm will be exhibited during the Engineering and Robotics Trade Fair next year.

For more information about this project, visit: www.recap.wsti.pl

Educational projects


INFOSTR@DA is another educational project organized by the Katowice Institute of Information Technologies. INFOSTR@DA is a series of meetings, lectures, presentations and workshops that take place at junior high schools, secondary schools and the School. The main purpose of the project, which started 5 years ago, is to promote and exchange expertise in the fields of IT and art among the teenagers.

During the meetings at secondary schools, young people have the opportunity to meet and talk to IT professionals, art design specialists, experts representing leading IT companies, academics, artists and many others in order to find out more about programming, professional digital designing, flash animation, posters, CI, website designing, and many more related subjects.

During the workshops in the Katowice Institute of Information Technologies, young people get a chance to acquaint themselves with professional drawing, painting, photography, designing with the assistance of multimedia equipment, such as tablets, 3D printers, etc. Teenagers also get the opportunity to build their first own computer network, play with robots or find out how to build a professional career in IT or graphic designing.

For more information about this project, visit: www.infostrada.wsti.pl  

"Enter your future"

"Enter your future", yet another educational project directed at the young people from the Silesia region, is a multinational project undertaken by AISEC and subsidized by the Katowice Institute of Information Technologies.

The goal of the project is to establish an international relation between the young from Poland and other countries from around the world. Internationality is the key to "enter your future" – this is the credo of the project. The education received in the Katowice Institute of Information Technologies enables our graduates to follow international career paths in the future. That is why the School, a substantial partner of the project, helps the young people from Poland to get to know foreigners and foreign cultures.

During the last edition of the "Enter your future" project, for a few weeks, young representatives from such countries as:

  • Tajikistan
  • Indonesia
  • Spain
  • Georgia
  • Turkey
  • Japan

were visiting 15 host secondary schools, meeting with Polish pupils and teaching them English, or introducing the Poles to their cultures. Additionally, the exchange allowed the foreigners to live with Polish host families, so they could easily make new friends and immerse themselves thoroughly in Polish culture.

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What is WSTI?

Wyższa Szkoła Technologii Informatycznych w Katowicach, the fairly long Polish name of the School, is usually shortened to WSTI, which is a normally used spoken-word abbreviation of the School’s name.

The abbreviaton is a part of the School’s logo, also the whole of the School’s website domain (www.wsti.pl), a part of the School’s name on Facebook fan page (wstikatowice) and a part of the name of the School channel on YouTube (wstiwkatowicach).

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