box projektArt studios

Duration: 7 semesters
Form: full-time and part-time (weekends)

Knowledge and skills

During studies, the student will acquire knowledge and skills in the following fields:

  • building visual media based on digital techniques,

  • image composition rules,

  • digital printing,

  • designing and designing websites for marketing,

  • design and planning promotional campaigns, as well as corporate identity,

  • construction of color, texture,

  • creative realization of artistic works,

  • an independent, active presence on the labor market,

  • discussions and agreements with customers.

Job prospects

After completing a specialty, a graduate will be able to find employment in:

  • advertising and marketing agencies,

  • graphic agencies,

  • photographic agencies,

  • printing plants,

  • publishing houses,

ikona programThe specialisation schedule – Graphic design