Art studiesvirtual realty

Duration:7 semester
Form: full-time (daily) and part-time (evening)

Knowledge and skills

During studies, the student will acquire knowledge and skills in the following fields:

  • 2D and 3D animation,

  • design optimization of textures and files for games,

  • creating computer graphics,

  • creation: concepts, stories, levels and narration and interfaces of games,

  • design of the interaction between characters and objects,

  • 3D modeling and video animation,

  • creating a system of scripting engines in games,

  • computer special effects.

Job prospects

After completing a specialty, a graduate will be able to find employment in:

  • computer game development companies,

  • software companies,

  • advertising and marketing agencies,

  • development studios,

  • graphic design and photographic studios,

  • the film and television production,

  • web design.

ikona programThe specialisation schedule – Design of Games and Virtual Reality