The Katowice Institute of Information Technologies is a non-public university, founded on the basis of the permission of the Minister of National Education. The university has a legal personality. Supervision over the Institute is exercised by the "Minister of Science and Higher Education" in the field of compliance of its bodies with the statutory provisions and the Institute’s statute, and the Founder. The Institute's statute is granted by the Institute's Founder in agreement with the "Ministry of Science and Higher Education".

The bodies of the University are as follows: Council, Senate, Rector, Chancellor.


is the supervisor of all employees and students. The Rector directs the Institute's activity and represents it outside. The Rector makes decisions regarding the functioning of the Institute, not reserved for other Institute bodies. The Rector is the one-person body of the Institute.


The Senate's tasks include:

  • determining directions of development and didactic programs of the Institute,

  • development and decreeing of curricula and study plans in particular majors, including the minimum program requirements of the General Council, as well as the analysis of didactic and research activities of the Institute’s organizational units,

  • decreeing study regulations.


The administration of the Institute is entrusted to the Chancellor of the Institute, who manages the administration and economy of the Institute and makes decisions regarding the Institute’s property.


  • is the initiating, opinion-shaping and advisory body of the Institute. The tasks of the Council include in particular:

  • expressing conclusions and opinions regarding the development directions and education programs of the Institute,

  • decreeing recommendations on the scope, principles and forms of cooperation between the Institute and other institutions and organizations in Poland and abroad.

  • giving opinions on the Institute’s material and financial plan.

 Student self-government

  • is made up of students of the institute, it is an independent and self-governing organization representing all WSTI students. The Student self-government is represented by the Student Council elected annually in an election.