Graphic design – artistic BA studies at WSTI means:


  1. grafika studentkaA unique combination of artistic activities (approx. 70% of classes) with other fields of knowledge, including information technology.

  2. Computer labs equipped with the latest high-end equipment (30 new PCs and 30 Apple iMacs) purchased with funding from the EU.

  3. The latest graphics software, including InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere AfterEffects, Flash, 3D StudioMax, AutoCAD.

  4. Multimedia equipment: cameras, camcorders, tablets and more.

  5. A fully equipped and professional studio of traditional artistic techniques, such as drawing, painting and sculpture.

  6. Emphasis on the practical dimension of activities, Plein Air Drawing and mandatory internship at cultural institutions, creative agencies or departments of creation and marketing in large companies.

  7. Practicing lecturers, carefully selected educators, cultivating artistic passions every day.

  8. Attractive tuition, with very good conditions to study, and no hidden fees. Guaranteed for the full learning cycle.

  9. A kind and creative atmosphere and friendliness of the staff and the Institute authorities.

  10. Openness to improve the effectiveness of education of disabled people (thanks to a grant we purchased a screen reading and magnifying device).

  11. Career Office and a dynamically acting Professional Adviser monitoring the current needs of employers and the labor market. The results of the needs of the labor market research are included in the regular updating of teaching in the field of Graphic design.

  12. Location of the Institute in the Katowice city center with convenient access from all directions of the Silesian Agglomeration.

  13. WSTI students are real enthusiasts pursuing their interests not only in scientific circles but also in the Artboard Creative Student Magazine or in their outstanding diploma theses.

  14. The opinions of our students are the best proof that it is worth it to study at WSTI. Here are some reviews of the Institute, which were shared at the Institute FB profile.


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Why do students choose Graphics?