A GRAPHIC DESIGN graduate has the knowledge and competencies in designing creative visual forms for all new and traditional media, their utility, business, arts and education applications.

Thanks to the combination of the program of studies classes with elements of artistic disciplines concerning knowledge about copyright law, marketing, IT or foreign language, a graduate has unlimited possibilities of creation with developed the skills to use the various tools.

In the field of fine arts, areas of interest and knowledge of a graduate include both traditional and technologically advanced means of expression. We pass a general knowledge of art history, aesthetics and design. A large amount of exercise enables the practical teaching of imaging, modeling and composition.

In terms of graduate IT skills, particular emphasis is placed on practical knowledge of modeling software for video and audio, editing, streaming media, two- and three-dimensional image generation, and all uses of DTP (desktop publishing).

Where after graduation? Potential work prospects for our graduates:

A Graphic design graduate can find employment, among others, in:

  • graphic design agencies,

  • photographic agencies,

  • advertising and marketing agencies,

  • printing plants,

  • publishing houses,

  • film and television studios,

  • Internet and IT companies,

  • computer games development companies,

  • software companies,

  • development studios,

  • cultural institutions.

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